Featured Keynote & Plenary Speakers:

Sammy Rangel 

Life After Hate

Father Greg Boyle

Homeboy Industries

Georgina McDowell

Creative Associates

Dr. Stephanie Powell

Journey Out

Dr. Almaas Shaikh

Mission Hospital

Jeremy Biddle


Enrique Roig

Creative Associates

Chief Charlie Beck


Breakout Session Titles & Speakers:

Working Towards Zero Gang Homicides:

PJ Fox (ISPN), Teny Gross (ISPN), Chief Hugh Clements (Providence PD), Captain Dean Isabella (Providence PD)

Innovative Approach to Correlate Data & Practice:

Molly Kraus (CSULA), Andraw Brown (Consultant)

Focused Crime & Violence Prevention:

Indira Villegas (USAID), Jose Ignacio Carrillo (Chemonics), Francisco Aguayo (Chemonics)

Resilience in Extreme Ecosystems:

Celina de Sola (Glasswing), Natalia Salcedo (Glasswing)

A Comparative Anatomy of Gang Sex Trafficking:

Opal Singleton (Million Kids)

Surviving Homicide, Violence Prevention in Baltimore:

Tara Reed Carlson (Shock Trauma), Erin Walton (UMMC)

Evolution of the Solution: 

David Kennedy (NNSC), Brent Peterkin (Project Longevity), Trisha Stein (Detroit PD)

The Role of Education in Addressing Violence:

Antonio Iskandar (DAI), Stefan Mascoll (Fairfax County Public Schools), Mariella Ruiz-Rodriguez (USAID), Chris Layne (NCTSN)

Non-profit Infastructure: 

Richard Ramos (Latino Coalition), Elsa Monte (Pacific Western Bank), Sheri Scott-Premier (Pacific Bank), Crystal Watson (Latino Coalition)

How a Life Can Be Changed Through Consistent Intervention: 

Rosario Dowling, Raquel Perez (Burning Bush Moments)

Bridging the Gap Between Police & Community: 

Sergeant Jag Khosa, Rubina Mudhar (Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit-British Colombia)

Building Trust Between Police & the Community: 

Vaughn Crandall (CPSC), Reygan Cunningham (Oakland Ceasefire), David Muhammad (Youth Outreach)

How States can Support Gun Violence Initiatives: 

Michael McLively (Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence)

Community Safety Partnership: 

Eric Lam (Urban Peace Institute), Sgt. Stacey Vandersall (LAPD), Sgt. Christian Zuniga (LAPD), Lt. Gena Brooks (LAPD)

CBT in School Settings: 

Gustavo Payan (DAI), Katherine Andrade-Eekhoff (CRS), Chris Layne (NCTSN)

Trauma Prevention Initiative: 

Kelly Fischer (LACDPH), Keith Baker (LACDPH), Aarti Harper (LACDPH)

Implementation of OJJDP Gang Model: 

Anica Stieve, Mahogany Villars, Vince Vaielua (Center for Children & Youth Justice)

More being added............

The Gang Conference is a project of Southern California Crossroads & St. Francis Medical Center Trauma Services